New Year, New Fitness Apparel



There is nothing better than a little motivation right?! Call me crazy but something about staring down at your feel to a swanky (and oh so comfortable) pair of tennis shoes just really gets me moving!  Also, am I the only one who wonders why they are actually called tennis shoes? Alright moving on…

So last week I cleaned, like majorly cleaned and organized.  Gave a ton of stuff away and threw away 8 pairs of workout pants with holes in them.  Why my husband allows me to go out of the house sometimes, I don’t even know!

But now, I was completely out of pants, and that is a problem!  I found these workout leggings with mesh vents in the legs, which in this hot Hawaiian sun, they are just beyond perfect!  I only ever like to work out in leggings, but sometimes they get so hot.  So, I was happy to find these and they are so reasonably priced.  I mean I am not paying $150 for a pair of workout pants, although I did try some on for fun!

Yes, these leggings really just make me happy!

My husband and I love to go for a long bike ride on the weekend together! It is a great activity to do together and I think working out with your person (Grey’s Anatomy anyone?) really connects you! We rode to the golf course near by and then stopped by this marina on the way home, because the turquoise water is just too amazing not to stop!

We obviously then made burgers and fresh lime margaritas and watched lots of football, because that is just the perfect end to the weekend!

So go outside and get moving friends!  What motivates you?

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