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Postpartum Essentials for Both Mom and Baby

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Mar 29


I have to say, I love the newborn days. They are messy and beautiful, exhausting and sweet—it’s a mix of I never want this to end but also crave sleep all at the same time. With this being our second baby, I’m truly reminded of how short this season is—and that has made me lean in that much more, soaking in every moment, even when I feel like I am too exhausted to do any more. 

I’m a bit of a minimalist and honestly baby’s don’t need much! Here are a few of my favorite postpartum & newborn essentials for both mama and baby.

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Minimalist Postpartum + Newborn Essentials Flourish Caroline Potter NTP

Minimalist Postpartum Essentials

Hilma Tension Relief // Postpartum headaches are real—I always get them anytime my sleep patterns are disrupted…hello newborn life! This is a natural “painkiller” alternative for headache relief and it truly works. I take it as soon as I have any sensation of a headache or migraine (not medical advice). I  love everything from Hilma! FLOURISH20 for 20% off!

Wildbird Sling // I loved baby wearing with Remington but honestly didn’t do it that much when she was tiny. With Hudson, his favorite place to be is snuggled up on my chest and now having 2 littles, my hands are quite full. I love that when I put him in the Wildbird wrap he instantly settles down, plus it goes on so quick and easy!

Majka Replenishing Powder // Seriously, the BEST tasting protein powder ever, well this powder is so much more and specifically designed for postpartum nourishment. I’ve been making a milkshake once a day and have noticed that it gives me so much energy and life. I dealt with some serious postpartum depletion with my first baby, so I have been very careful to load up on nutrients this time around, especially as breastfeeding seriously depletes nutrients. Majka is not cheap but is WELL worth every penny— their replenishing bites are the best when you need something quick to grab and they have a whole lactation line too. FLOURISH for 10% off!

Miir Water Bottle // This is just a life favorite and my favorite water bottle. This has made staying hydrated a bit easier and I carry it around the house with me all day! I’m particular about water bottles and this doesn’t have that weird stainless steel aftertaste.

Seed Probiotics // I’ve mentioned this as a pregnancy favorite too! Seriously the best probiotics ever! Because they contain both probiotics and prebiotics, your digestion will actually notice a difference! Digestion can be difficult postpartum as your hormones slowly start to balance but also physically after giving birth! FLOURISH15 for 15% off.

Magnesium // Let’s be real, digestion can be a bit wonky after having a baby and honestly a bit painful to go to the bathroom. Personally, I recommend taking a stool softener for a few days after birth…it just makes life a bit more comfortable. Magnesium can also be super helpful to get your digestion moving and is an anti-stress nutrient that is needed to help balance hormones! I love Seeking Health’s Chewable Magnesium, I keep them bedside so I remember to take it! 

Electrolytes // Especially if you are breastfeeding, the dehydration is real. I started drinking these electrolytes once a day and noticed a huge shift in my energy and hydration.

Gua Sha Stone // This refreshes me every morning and truly helps me wake up! I’ve been using it as I nurse in the morning and it de-puffs my face (hello newborn days) and really helps relieve tension and neck headaches. It so brings a bit of life into my day.

Countertime Cleansing Oil // This cleanser is so refreshing but also truly cleanses deep. It’s a lighter cleansing oil so saves a bit of time if you have your hands full (let’s be honest you most likely do!). I love the scent and how clear my skin always looks and feels after. It also has anti-aging benefits to keep your skin youthful!

Sakara // Ok it takes a-lot for me to be super excited about something but I am totally in love with Sakara’s meal delivery service! I’ve never tasted such incredible and diverse flavors and feel SO good after their meals. My energy (even with a newborn) and digestion have been amazing too! Their meals are SO colorful and packed with nutrients—they are plant based, which I am not, but I’ve always struggled with having the time to prepare and source lots of vegetables…these have been so helpful getting a variety of nutrients into my day to help with postpartum depletion.

Each of their meals are NUTRIENT DENSE + gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free. My blood sugar has done amazing eating these! I knew with a newborn I wanted a bit of extra support in the food area, so having a few meals a week that I can just pop out of the fridge has been a lifesaver. It’s easy to reach for a snack bar or a handful of crackers, but these meal options have been a much better choice and I’ve reaped the benefits. Their breakfast options are the BEST too.

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Nursing Bras // I’ve always used a combo of both nursing bras and bralettes. Here’s some of my favs— Bravado Silk (favorite by far and so comfy), Ballet Wireless Bralette (love this for nighttime), Natori Bliss Nursing Bra (this one is great if you have a shirt that needs a bit more shape), Butter Bralette (I have a few of these, not nursing specific but work great). Love this Seemless Textured one (its SO comfy) and this Sports Bra one gives a bit more support but is still nursing friendly.

Minimalist Newborn Essentials

Coterie // My favorite diapers by far, they are SO soft. I used these with Remington when she was older and honestly never had many blow outs, they hold so much and leave no residue on your sweet little’s bum. I also love Bambo diapers for the early weeks since you go through them so quickly.

Water Wipes // These are the only wipes I’ve ever used! I love that they don’t have any scent to them (I can’t stand wipes with scents) and totally pure ingredients.

Willaby blanket// This was a splurge and something I have had my eye on for a long time. It is so worth it and only gets softer with time! Makes for the best snuggles.

Snuggle Me Organic // I got one of these for Hudson and we love it. We took it with us when we went on a road trip and its so convenient. It mimics the shape of the womb and is so snuggly!

Solly Baby Swaddle // The BEST swaddle ever, it’s so silky soft and lightweight. If I had known how much I loved this swaddle I would not have purchased any others!

Eco Piggy Pacifier// Both my babies have loved this pacifier. It’s made of all natural rubber and the grip on it is so easy to hold. We also love Bibs pacifiers (made of natural rubber too). 


Postpartum Essentials for Both Mom and Baby


Postpartum Essentials for Both Mom and Baby


Postpartum Essentials for Both Mom and Baby


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