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My home is truly my safe space and my shelter. Just like with food or beauty + cleaning items, I am very careful how I choose to fill my home. I’m sorta a border line minimalist but also love a cozy, lived in feel. 

I very much believe in quality over quantity and that this mindset helps us decrease waste and clutter in our lives and minds. 

My husband often jokes that I take months to decide on just ONE pillow because I am so careful with how I spend money and want to make sure that I am purchasing products not just to fill a space or need, but items I will truly treasure for years to come. So much waste is involved in the decor industry and that truly is something we should be mindful of, not just for the environment but also our pocket books and the ethical practices of the maker.

Intentionally choosing sustainable + ethical brands is an important aspect of my personal life as well as what we promote here at Flourish! We believe that we can impact change not only in the industry but also in people’s lives through the brands we support.

If you are wanting to shop from more sustainable and ethical brands, don’t think this will happen overnight! Just start small and make a big impact!

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My Favorite Sustainable Home Decor Shops

June Home Supply// One of my favorite home brands for the dreamiest + coziest decor you will actually use. They believe in beautiful and functional pieces that help foster a sense of simplicity and beauty in our dwellings—to celebrate the simple moments of the everyday. I love their blankets and just about everything!

Boll & Branch // My go to for sheets + bath towels—these are totally worth the investment and are so soft and last forever! Everything is Fair Trade Certified, Organic and GOTS certified. They truly go above and beyond to empower farmers, artisans and makers!

Connected Goods // The have everything from baskets to ceramics to candles and source unique home decor items you will truly treasure from artisans all over the world. Nothing in their shop is mass produced and every item supports and empowers makers all over the world and in America.

The Little Market // I love this non-profit cofounded by Lauren Conrad (the Hills anyone?). With every purchase and donation, you are supporting meaningful income opportunities for artisans and their families, making a difference, and creating a positive, long-lasting impact. They have some fun and colorful pieces and their selection is always changing.

Ebb & Thread // I have several of their pillows in our house and just love them! They use natural fibers and source from all over the world.

Parachute Home // They are on a mission to create products people love at an achievable price point and are Oeko-Tex certified ensuring products are made safely protecting both the maker and consumer. I sleep on their down pillow every night and love it!

The Citizenry // One of my favorite home shops I often save up for or ask for gifts. Everything is globally inspired, thoughtfully designed and ethically sourced. Their throw pillows are my favorite (and include inserts too)! They travel directly to the country and work with the artisans cutting out the middle man and providing more for the makers!

Cardenas & Kinn // Quickly becoming one of my go to shops for home decor, baskets and items I know I will treasure for years! Her items are thoughtful and will reduce your waste and plastic exposure. We highlighted Cardenas & Kinn in our Sustainable Brand Feature!

Gathre // They make everything from baby changing mats, yoga mats, storage bins, poufs and table clothes all in non-toxic + waterproof vegan leather. I love their mission of realizing that if you want to live purposefully you first have to clear the clutter and make space!

Rose & Fitzgerald //  Using age-old techniques and luxurious materials, they aim to unearth craft and talent from unexpected places. All Rose & Fitzgerald producers receive, at minimum, beyond fair trade wages and a healthy, ethical working environment. Their goods will refresh your home and inspire!

West Elm // For a big brand, West Elm has a surprising amount of artisan, Fair Trade and sustainable options! You’ll see an icon next to the product so you can easily sort that way.  Much of their furniture is Greenguard Gold Certified as well and I love the quality of their pieces.

Dear Keaton // I love their pillows and their mission to create a “wish you were here” feel which momentarily transports the viewer to another place. They source from all over the world and use sustainable, natural materials and ethical makers and artisans.

Bloomist // They have hand picked and dried florals and greenery to spruce up your home! Their mission is to help you make a calm, natural refuge in your home. I rotate through their dried florals depending on the season and it’s an inexpensive way to add some life to your table or shelf…especially if you don’t have a green thumb like me!

Lara & Lou // Her goods are affordable, intentional and will bring a spark of magic into your home. Items are hand crafted by artisans using natural materials and traditional techniques to fill your home with timeless pieces.


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