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Decorating my sweet babies rooms has always been the highlight of my pregnancies. It takes me out of the misery and trauma I experience during pregnancy and gives me hope! Hudson’s room came together at the end and even after he was born due to major shipping delays. But I have to say it’s one […]

My home is truly my safe space and my shelter. Just like with food or beauty + cleaning items, I am very careful how I choose to fill my home. I’m sorta a border line minimalist but also love a cozy, lived in feel.  I very much believe in quality over quantity and that this […]

Ask anyone in my family, especially my husband—I just love getting into bed. I could get into bed early each night and just hang out…and it’s often one of the first things I do when my daughter goes down for a nap! Getting into bed is where I rest best and my safe, peaceful spot. […]

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