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Ask anyone in my family, especially my husband—I just love getting into bed. I could get into bed early each night and just hang out…and it’s often one of the first things I do when my daughter goes down for a nap! Getting into bed is where I rest best and my safe, peaceful spot.

Bedding can be pricey in general, organic or not! For me, I personally believe in quality and buying few items, but items that last. We only have one set of sheets which means they get washed frequently but they make for the most luxurious sleep!

Reality is that our home environments are the ones we have the most control over and the ones that affect our health the most. According to the EPA, indoor air quality is much worse than outdoor air quality even in industrial cities. 

Choosing organic bedding is an investment and one that doesn’t happen overnight. Remember each small step matters. Anyway you can decrease your toxic load matters! My best advice is to start by choosing a cleaner laundry soap, this is a powerful and budget friendly way to impact your health, hormones + skin! Bedding especially is important as your body detoxes and rejuvenates the most at night.

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Here’s my top picks for eco-friendly, organic + sustainable sheets and bedding!

What do the terms mean?

Organic: As organic is becoming more and more popular, organic can sadly mean a lot of things—you don’t always know if the whole product is organic or if it just started organic. Always make sure the brand is transparent with their sourcing and manufacturing process. Fibers can start in a natural state but sometimes manufacturing can add in harmful substances and change the initial materials.

GOTS: This stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and is the gold standard when it comes to organic textiles. GOTS means that the product meets strict requirements for both human and environmental safety throughout every step of the supply chain, from seed to end product. GOTS is a voluntary standard and regulated by a non-profit not the government. If a product is GOTS certified, you don’t need to worry if it is also Oeko-Tex although some are both.

Oeko-Tex Certified: This is a great standard but does not mean organic. It tests the end product only so you don’t know about the starting point and manufacturing process. Oeko-Tex tests for end human safety making sure there aren’t chemicals in the end product.

Natural Fibers: This is always a must for me. Synthetic fibers can contain plastics and chemicals that can harm your health and greatly impact the environment. If organic isn’t an option, that’s ok…start with any natural fiber like cotton, linen and bamboo. 

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Organic + Sustainable Sheets and Bedding

Boll and Branch // My favorite organic sheets (GOTS + Oeko-Tex) by far and I’ve tried several brands. They are SO buttery soft and truly stand up over time. Their cotton is fair trade and their farmers and factory workers work in ethical conditions! They frequently have sales so keep an eye out because these are an investment piece that’s totally worth it. We have the Signature Eyelet Set and Plush Bath Towels (SO luxurious) and I have my eye on their Throw Blankets.

Coyuchi// One of the original makers of organic cotton bedding (GOTS certified), they have a wide selection to choose from and have some of the strictest manufacturing standards on the market. I loved their sheets but sadly they didn’t last that long but I would be interested in their sustainable subscription service so you could change out products. Their bedding however is VERY worth the investment—the linen duvet cover and shams are totally dreamy! Their organic down insert is sourced in the USA (hard to find) and perfect for any sleep temperature and season!

Kotn// I’ve loved this brand for clothing for a while and was so excited when they released a home collection (a certified B corp which doesn’t mean organic but means a brand that isn’t only interested in profit). Everything is very ethically and sustainably made with the artisan in mind. I have my eye on their cotton undyed quilted blanket (dyes usually is where many toxins are added, so undyed is always a better option)!

Magic Linen // I truly love linen bedding as it is so soft, a very natural fiber and super breathable! They have a wide range of colors to choose from and can purchase sheets individually if you don’t like the top sheet! Everything is hand crafted by artisans, third party tested for contaminants and Oeko-Tex certified! Their home items are dreamy too.

Cozy Earth // These sheets are made from bamboo which is very lightweight and a sustainable option as it has a low impact on the environment. Bamboo is a great option if you tend to overheat or have super sensitive skin…although they aren’t cheap!

The Citizenry // Everything is handcrafted by artisans around the world and warning, you’ll want everything from this shop! Their linen bedding is made of French flax, Oeko-Tex certified and made in a family-run, fair trade environment! Their throw pillows are all so unique and made with natural fibers.

Parachute Home // Their sheets are all Oeko-Tex certified (not organic but free of harmful chemicals) and they are very transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing process. For sure high quality and a great budget friendly option. I’ve slept on one of their down pillows for years and love it!

West Elm // They have lots of organic and fair trade options, most are GOTS certified. Actually the first organic bedding I purchased years ago was one of their duvet covers that is still going strong after years of use. Their sheet sets are a great price and they always have sales so keep an eye out!

For Babies + Kids

Make Make Organics // They have the cutest baby and kiddo sheets and outfits too! It’s hard to find organic cotton in fun prints and these are not only soft but also so fun!! FLOURISH for 15% off your order!

Coyuchi // We love their crib sheets and they truly lasted through many stains and much use. SO silky, soft too and perfect for littles with sensitive skin like ours!

Pehr // They have adorable designs for babies and toddlers and these hold up really well with wash!

Pottery Barn Kids // Lots of great organic options and what Remington is currently using in her big girl bed. They are a bit more cost effective just not as soft as Coyuchi or Boll and Branch in my opinion.

Crate & Kids // Organic cotton crib sheets at a cost effective price!

Willaby // Truly the softest baby blankets that only get better with time. Worth the investment for something your little one can use for a long time!

Magic Linen // Their linen crib sheets are Oeko-Tex certified and super breathable for your new baby. They have the sweetest options and I love their kitchen apron for littles too!

Do you have a favorite organic and sustainable bedding brand?! Do share! 




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