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First, I have to say we honestly don’t have that many toys! Outdoor time and books are very important in our house and most of our ‘toys’ are actually books, puzzles or arts and crafts!

But navigating the toy world, especially if you want to choose more natural and non toxic toys can be overwhelming. Motherhood is overwhelming enough and I don’t want to add to the noise! Know that your toys and playroom decor do not have to be all natural to make you a good parent—just start small and be intentional with your purchases. Above all, do the best YOU can given your circumstances!

Here’s the low down on what materials to look for and what to avoid in toys and our favorite quality play essentials!

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Best Materials to Look for in Toys

  • Natural Wood // Look for toys made from natural wood and either un-dyed or painted with water based paints. 
  • Soft Cloth or Cotton // Soft cotton or plush toys are usually a great option especially if they are made from organic cotton or natural fibers like linen, bamboo, etc. Double check the dyes used in fabrics!
  • Water Based Paints or Non-toxic Dyes // Often you will see this labeled as water based paint/dyes, vegetable dyes or non-toxic paint. Most brands that disclose this much information will tell you what the paint or dye ingredients are made from.
  • Silicone // A soft more natural plastic alternative, silicone is popping up more and more now. Keep in mind some cheaply-made silicone toys or feeding utensils can contain fillers like plastic and lead so make sure to double check the brand integrity and transparency.
  • Natural Rubber // Made from the Hevea tree this is a great and sustainable option.

Materials + Chemicals to Avoid in Toys

  • Bisphenols BPA + BPS // found in most plastics aka everything kid related! BPA is a known endocrine disruptor and can cause reproductive harm, cancer and obesity.
  • Formaldehyde // found in many toys, bedding and furniture. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and can cause asthma and skin issues.
  • PVC // found in most plastics, food packaging, toys strollers and more and a known human carcinogen! PVC often contains additives like phthalates and lead and is extremely toxic even after disposal.
  • Lead & other heavy metals // often found in paint, clothing, toys and furniture. Heavy metal toxicity (even exposure in very small amounts) can lead to developmental and behavior issues and brain damage.
  • VOCs (volatile organic compounds) // found in paints, furniture, rugs and cleaning products these can continue to “off-gas” into the air in your home for years. VOCs can create skin irritation and damage to the liver and central nervous system.
  • Pesticides // found in clothing, bedding, food and known endocrine disruptors. Studies also show exposure can be linked to developmental issues, depression, autism and nerve-cell communication.

*Flame retardants are another big one to avoid but that is more so found in sleepwear, mattresses and car seats not toys!

What do the terms mean?

BPA free // Sadly this doesn’t always mean as much as you think. BPA is often replaced with alternatives that are just as bad—BPS (bisphenol S) is just one example.  Bottom line, ‘BPA-free’ does not mean safe or chemical free.

Greengaurd Gold Certified // This is the gold standard safety certification for furniture. This standard includes health-based criteria and tests for additional chemicals. It requires lower total VOC (volatile organic compounds) and emissions levels and is often used as a standard for environments like schools and healthcare facilities. I’ve honestly found that typically its not that much more expensive!

Non Toxic Toys + Playroom Decor

Organization Shelves + Baskets

I’m a big believer that everything should have a place! Clutter makes me very overwhelmed and can easily make children overwhelmed too. Less is more especially for these developing little brains!

Shelves // We have this natural wood shelf from Sprout and totally love it! It stores quite a bit and is very simple and minimal in design. The construction is solid too so I don’t ever worry about little ones knocking it over.

Other non-toxic shelves: 2 Cubby Wall Base Set, Babyletto Storage and Bookshelf, Sprout Natural Birch 8 Cubby Shelf, Birch Wood Storage Shelves (great price too!), Natural Floating Shelves

Baskets // I am big on baskets and that everything should have a place. It’s also way less stimulating to children (and adults) for them to know where their items belong. 
Favorite Baskets: Ollie & Ella Strolley, Seagrass Basket, Wicker Picnic Basket, Cardenas & Kinn (LOVE all her baskets), Pehr Storage Bins

All my favorite natural fiber baskets HERE >

Play Table + Chairs // My parents gifted us this circle play table and chair set and it is very sturdy (even for adults), cleans up well and is Greengaurd Gold Certified!

Other play tables + chairs: Carolina Play Table, Sprout Play Table + Chairs, Wooden Desk Set (love this!)

Decor // We have this wildflower map of the United States and just adore it. It’s for sure an investment but one I knew I wouldn’t grow tired of after years and Remington has already learned so much! I also love this Rifle Paper United States Map.

I love these hanging alphabet, number and map tapestries from Gather too!

Non Toxic Toys

Here are some of my favorite brands + shops!

Wooden Toys // Rainbow Arch Stacker (Remington adores this), Wooden Stacking Tower, Cube Block Set, Shape + Sort Blocks, Little Barn Set, Natural Wooden Block Set, Counting Math Board, Village Building Blocks Big Set, Bamboo Building “Legos”, Wooden Fishing Poll Set, Wooden Veggies Play Set

Trucks + Trains // Wooden Train, Wooden Pull Bus, Mini Wooden Trucks, Wooden Dump Truck, Green Toys Fire Truck (BPA + phthalate free), Green Toys Tug Boat + Submarine (love this in the bath!), Wooden Toy Airplane

Alphabet + Learning Toys // Chalkfull of Design tracing chalkboards (LOVE these!), Nature Learning Toys, Natural Counting Board, Writing + Counting Trays, American Sign Language Alphabet Blocks, Preschool Printables, Wooden Math Board

Puzzles // Magnetic Dress Up (we need a second it’s so loved), Mermaid Magnetic Game, Safari Wooden Animal Puzzle, Melissa and Doug Ocean Floor Puzzle (huge and entertains Remington forever), USA Puzzle, Magnetic Refrigerator Puzzles (how I make dinner at night!), Floss and Rock (these are unusual shapes and a mental challenge, SO good)

Dolls + Accessories // Hazel Village Dolls (organic cotton), Rattan Doll Bed, Cuddle + Kind (dolls that give back), Community Helpers Wooden Dolls, Multicultural Peg Dolls (so sweet), Gingham Doll Pajamas, Knitted Finger Puppet Jungle Animals

Babies // Classic Wooden Rattle, Lovevery Play Gym (worth every penny, my husband even agreed), Knit Animal Rattles (ethical company with a purpose too, and Remington loved them), Wooden + Silicone Teether, Mushie Stacking Cups, Push Wagon with Blocks,

Arts + Crafts // Crayon Rocks (the best because they don’t break!), Washable Non Toxic Paint, Dough Parlour Play Dough, Eco Dough, Water Art Coloring Book (a must have mess free item), Non Toxic Sidewalk Chalk, Wooden 3-in-1 Art Easel

Do your littles have a favorite toy? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments below >


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