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Natural Pregnancy Essentials

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Jan 25


The female body truly is incredible. Pregnancy is SUCH a gift and an absolute miracle. I’ve been really honest in both my pregnancies that it is a HARD season for me. Endless doctors appointments + blood work being high risk and not feeling good the entire 9 months really takes a toll on your body and emotions.

I share that not to complain—I’m beyond thankful my body can do this—but I also want to normalize that pregnancy is hard and not as glamorous as pretty photos on Instagram make it out to seem. 

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Here’s a few natural pregnancy essentials that have saved me and made this season a bit more comfortable!


Natural Pregnancy Essentials

As always this is not medical advice. Please always check with your medical care professional first.

Magnesium // Magnesium is an ‘anti-stress nutrient’ and one *MOST* females (pregnant or not) are deficient in. Magnesium is one of the top minerals I suggest for anything hormone related. Your needs increase during pregnancy and blood sugar issues (common in pregnancy as well as me having Type 1 diabetes) deplete your magnesium stores even more. Magnesium can help with digestion and constipation, anxiety, as well as muscle cramping and a sore back…all super common in pregnancy. 

Magnesium is best absorbed topically but I load up on both topical and internal solutions during pregnancy!

Countertime Cleansing Oil // The best cleansing oil and my favorite way to clean my face by far. It smells delightful (even through serious pregnancy aversions to all smells) and is great for sensitive skin and tricky pregnancy breakouts. It’s anti-aging without retinol (which isn’t safe during pregnancy) and provides the perfect balance of truly cleaning your face while not stripping too much moisture!

Bread Srlsy // This has been a lifesaver and what I survived on for the first 16 weeks + beyond. They use a long fermentation process so most of the sugar and carbohydrates is actually consumed—meaning it is VERY gentle on your digestion and blood sugar. Seriously a slice barely spikes my blood sugar. Use code ‘flourish’ for free shipping on your first order!

Seed // My favorite (and very effective) probiotics! This blend contains BOTH probiotics and prebiotics which is key in actually helping your digestive system. Digestion can get really wonky during pregnancy as your changing hormones directly change your gut flora. I’ve dealt with some fun stomach pains this whole pregnancy and noticed a big difference when I switched to Seed—these are with the cost. Use code ‘FLOURISH15’ for 15% off your first order. 

Arnica // Arnica is a homeopathic remedy so very gentle and commonly used among midwives. I took it internally during labor my first pregnancy (not medical advice) and honestly didn’t have that much discomfort postpartum despite a long and hard labor. I’ve been using this for back and sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy. Linking to both the cream and internal remedy I use via Wellevate.

Ginger chews // Nothing really works to combat the nausea for me but these ginger chews do provide a few minutes of relief. And they are great to keep on hand for any blood sugar lows or at your bedside table before you start moving!

Leggings // The best and softest leggings for your growing bump. I’m super picky about because I don’t want to constantly be pulling them up or have the waist be too constricting and these are a dream. I have two sets, one pair is 1 size up and another is 2 sizes up. I wore these all throughout my first pregnancy, postpartum and in my second pregnancy. Well worth the investment and something you can use beyond pregnancy!

Cozy Sweater // Chances are in 9 months you’ll want something super cozy! I invested in a nice oversized sweater with both my pregnancies and still some of my favorite daily pieces. I’m not one for purchasing pregnancy specific clothes because it’s such a short season. I love more wrap, cape style sweaters for pregnancy to fit over your bump! I love this (3 years old and still a fav), this and this one.

Bralettes // Let’s just say your body majorly changes during pregnancy, so sizing up is essential (usually 1-2 sizes as your pregnancy progresses)! Having something supportive but not restrictive is so important to me. I love feeling cozy. My favorites have been this, this and this one (runs small, I sized up 3 on this one).

Miir Water Bottle // I can only drink ice water or chilled water during pregnancy and had a huge problem with dehydration the first 3 months. This water bottle saved me. It keeps your water cool for so long, even during the night! I carry it around with me all day long!

Silk Eye Mask // Pregnant or not this is my top favorite for the best night of sleep! If you are struggling with pregnancy insomnia this will help block out even the smallest of lights and help keep your eyes shut so that you fall back asleep.

Blue Tansy Beauty Cream // My skin has gravitated towards this with both pregnancies. It’s very hydrating without being greasy—just start with a tiny pinch and add more if needed. It makes my skin feel so luxurious! Blue tansy is powerful at soothing skin which is very often needed during pregnancy.

PJs // One of my best friends suggested treating myself to new PJs (which I actually needed) at the very beginning of my pregnancy and I was so thankful she did. Let’s just say I’m in bed a lot! I sized up on both of these brands and they still fit even during my third trimester. I know I’ll keep wearing them postpartum too!

  • Mate the Label: organic and so soft! These run a tad small so I sized up and they still fit perfectly even in my third trimester. I splurged on these waffle knit pants for the end of pregnancy + postpartum and seriously don’t want to take them off.
  • Petit Plume: a bit more “crisp” but so soft too—sized up 1 size. We love their baby + toddler ones too!

Belly Armor blanket // This is a radiation blocking blanket that you can lightly drape over your belly to protect your growing babe as you work or play on your computer. Since I’m in bed extra during pregnancy this is a great and easy way to protect myself from the harmful effects of wifi, computers, etc.

Diffuser // My sweet mom flew into help at emergency notice my first trimester and actually suggested turning on a diffuser in the kitchen. It helped me SO much as I couldn’t even walk into the kitchen to make toast without feeling nauseous. My favorite scents during pregnancy have been anything citrus and Primally Pure’s home line!


Natural Pregnancy Essentials


Natural Pregnancy Essentials


Natural Pregnancy Essentials


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