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5 Safer Beauty Trends That Are Here to Stay








5 Safer Beauty Trends of 2018 That Are Here to Stay | Flourish2018 was a HUGE year for safer beauty!

Do you know the #1 Googled beauty trend in 2018?!

Beautycounter <— one of my all time favorite safer brands! 🙌🏻

Hold the phone….  The TOP trending beauty brand in all of GOOGLE was a safer skincare company, not one of the celebrity endorsed, multi-millionaire international brands?!

Truly, Beautycounter’s mission of “getting safer products into the hands of everyone” is working!! 

The significance?

This means that safer skincare (not just Beautycounter!!) is on the forefront of people’s minds and people are waking up to the reality that the products we use daily DO impact our health!!!


I am hoping that more and more companies start making products with safer ingredients and clean up their sourcing and supply chains, because clean living truly impacts how we feel and live each day!

5 Safer Beauty Trends of 2018 That Are Here to Stay | Flourish

5 Safer Beauty Trends That Are Here to Stay

Exotic Blue Tansy Oil

I LOVED this trend and have to say that one of my go to safer skincare brands, Primally Pure, was a leader in this blue tansy movement!  I have to admit that when I first tried this Blue Tansy Beauty Cream, I was not a fan —> I thought it smelled weird (maybe because I was pregnant)! Now, I literally want to bathe in it! Each morning after I wash my face, it’s as if my skin is just drawn to this beautiful, luscious blue oil and the beauty “trend” experts would agree!

Blue tansy is a flower in the chamomile family and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties—perfect for soothing all skin types, balancing inflamed or blemish prone skin and nourishing your skin on a deep level! 

I truly believe that skincare is deeply intertwined in our health and that the positive emotional properties of this botanical oil can help calm your mind and add a positive twist to your energy!

It’s safe to say I am obsessed with all things blue tansy and have noticed a big difference in my face’s moisture, calmness and glow!

And…if you are skeptical about natural deodorant, it’s safe to say this Blue Tansy Deodorant is perfect for sensitive skin and it’s my go to!

5 Safer Beauty Trends of 2018 That Are Here to Stay | FlourishFacial Rollers

These took social media by storm last year and I have been using my Rose Quartz Roller for a while now and loving the effects!  Using a facial roller (typically jade or rose quartz), helps stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage.  Remember, the lymph system has no “pump” so any type of movement—walking, stretching, yoga, dry brushing, jump roping or facial rolling—will help encourage the lymph systems natural detoxification.

These rollers can help release tension in the face, thus discouraging fine lines and wrinkles, and also stimulate blood flow which will boost your complexion!  Rolling in a downward motion helps stimulate lymphatic drainage and detoxification while rolling in an upward motion stimulates circulation.

I also love to use it when I feel tension in my forehead or a migraine coming on as it totally helps me relax my face muscles!  I use my roller each morning typically before washing my face, or after moisturizing if I forget.

Pro tip: You can put your roller in the freezer or refrigerator to get even more benefits!

5 Safer Beauty Trends of 2018 That Are Here to Stay | FlourishHeavy Metal Testing

Colorants used to give cosmetics their lasting pigments found in foundation, blush, powder, eye shadow and lipstick are particularly high in heavy metals—now typically companies are not purposefully adding these ingredients, but they are contaminants that come with the typical manufacturing process. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium and arsenic are naturally occurring substances, but not safe for humans at any level.

So how do we choose safer makeup?  First, it is important to understand that even “natural,” “organic,” or “DIY” makeups can still contain heavy metals—just because something has a label on it doesn’t mean it is the best option!  Second, choose a company that is transparent with not only their ingredients, but also their sourcing, manufacturing processes and testing.

Sadly, the skincare and beauty industry is unregulated, so it is up to the consumer to intentionally educate themselves before purchasing! At this time, the only company I trust when it comes to makeup safety and performance is Beautycounter, because I know they are totally transparent at all levels of their supply chain sourcing and manufacturing process!

Read about Beautycounter’s commitment to transparency and social responsibility.

5 Safer Beauty Trends of 2018 That Are Here to Stay | FlourishOil Cleansing Method

I was the biggest skeptic of oil cleansing until my good friend Primally Pure finally convinced me to try it! Oil cleansing is based off the scientific principle that “like cleanses like” so natural, cleansing oils cleanse the impurities, grime and un-beneficial oils from your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture and sensitive, beneficial oils!

And oil cleansing works!!  My skin has never looked or felt better!

You see, when we strip our skin of all its beneficial natural oils, we actually cause our skin to overproduce the bad oils that lead to clog pores and breakouts!  It seems so counterintuitive but oil-free skincare, harsh moisturizers or not moisturizing at all will only lead to further skin issues! Your skin needs (and craves!) moisture and beneficial oils, both applied topically and consumed internally like grass-fed butter, avocados and olive oil!

My favorite oil cleansers are Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm and Primally Pure’s Cleansing Oil.

Looking Inward

Well, this has always been a “trend” for me, because I know that your skin is simply a reflection of what is going on inside your body.  The best topical creams in the world won’t solve all your issues if the root issue lies with your digestion or hormones.  We have seen a shift in perspective over the past few years with the popularity collagen or “beauty tonics” but I think this next year this is going to be a huge focus!! I so hope that looking inward when it comes to our skin goes “mainstream”! 

I think this next year we are going to see a lot more targeted support of incorporating foods such as probiotics and adaptogens into our skincare routines and possibly even more skincare items with probiotics or other superfoods as ingredients!

Grab my free Trouble Shooting Your Skin Issues guide to learn more about what foods your skin may need!

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