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Switching to Safe: Healthy Hair Tips & Essentials

Apr 11, 2018

Switching to Safe: Healthy Hair Tips & Essentials | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTP

Switching to safer hair products can be difficult, because let’s be honest, no woman wants to sacrifice those glamorous locks!  <— and I don’t blame you!

Let’s start by defining what  “safe hair products” really means!  Do you look for natural, organic, non-toxic?  Sadly, today, natural and organic don’t really mean much as they can contain harmful fragrances and other yucky ingredients. Keep in mind, safe products do not always mean completely natural, because even some natural substances like heavy metals and minerals can be dangerous.  Personally, I prefer to carefully vet the companies I purchase from and balance that with products that actually work.

Honestly, I have been shocked by how healthy, thick and shiny my hair looks now that I have switched to safer hair products—the change is so noticeable!!  

**I will add that the most beneficial part for me has been washing my hair less.  Washing your hair often, strips your hair of its natural oils leaving it either dull or greasy because your hair over produces oils when you wash it often.  With the combination of these products, I can go several days without washing my hair and it still looks and feels clean!**

Today, I am sharing my safe, healthy hair tips and must-haves in your beauty cabinet that are proven to work…and trust me, I don’t take my recommendations lightly!

For more on how to nourish your hair from the inside out and why stress could be at the root of your hair issues, read Healthy Hair Tips.

Switching to Safe: Healthy Hair Tips & Essentials

Switching to Safe: Healthy Hair Tips & Essentials

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Primally Pure Dry Shampoo

Addicted is an understatement—this is a lifesaver and truly works…plus it actually adds volume to your few day old hair!

Why it’s safer: Primally Pure’s Dry Shampoo comes in powder form rather than an aerosol type of dry shampoo.  Aerosol or spray dry shampoos sadly contain butane gas (linked to organ toxicity) and can be volatile compounds that are flammable and detrimental to the environment.


Beautycounter Everyday Shampoo

My scalp and hair have never felt better and a little goes a long way, so this shampoo lasts forever!

Why it’s safer: Conventional shampoos contain sulfates (SLS or SLES) which cause skin and scalp irritation and can trigger external and internal allergies.  This safe shampoo uses pure plant extracts to give your hair moisture and shine but also leave it feeling squeaky clean for days!


Innersense Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

It took me a while to settle on a safer conditioner, but this one leaves my hair feeling so soft but also clean for days!  

Why it’s safer: Conventional hair products usually contain fragrances so scent your hair, but are toxic, can cause allergies and greatly disrupt your hormones.  With this safe conditioner, natural oat kernel moisturizes and strengthens hair, improves elasticity and provides frizz-control while orange flower oil leaves hair strengthened and reflecting beautiful shine.


Beautycounter Split End Serum

No matter what I do, I have the worst split ends and this is the first solution (yes, I’ve tried even the toxic stuff) that actually works!

Why it’s safer: This split end serum uses Brazilian bataua and macadamia oils to nourish and actually help prevent future breakage but is also free of petroleum (yes, think car oil) based ingredients and fragrances!


Prim Botanicals Hair Oil

Finally a safe, natural hair oil that nourishes and leaves your hair silky but not greasy!

Why it’s safer: Yes, chemicals can make your hair look good, but come at a not so glamorous price! This hair oil contains no harmful fragrances (which sadly even more “natural” hair oils contain harmful fragrances), isopropyl alcohol (yes, used in antifreeze) or preservatives.


Natural Wood Bristle Brush

Seems like a little thing, but using a natural wood brush makes all the difference!

Why it’s safer: Plastic and metal brushes can damage the hair and only create more split ends.  Natural wood bristles evenly distribute your hairs natural oils and help eliminate static!


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

My husband always jokes about the big container I pull out every morning for my coffee, but personally I always notice a difference when I don’t consume collagen daily.

Why it’s safer: Collagen is a pure amino acid source and will not only help your hair strength and growth but also skin elasticity, digestion and bone and joint support.  Collagen is a completely natural way to help stimulate hair growth, rather than using harsh topical chemicals!


Pure Radiance Vitamin C

The body also needs Vitamin C to naturally produce collagen!

Why it’s safer: Vitamin C helps the body produce collagen, absorb Iron and decreases free radicals which can cause brittle hair and split ends.  I highly recommend Pure Radiance Vitamin C because it is a pure, complete and bioavailable source of Vitamin C rather than a synthetic source as are most vitamins on the market.


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