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Episode 75: Creating Boundaries in Business

Apr 9, 2018

Episode 75: Creating Boundaries in Business

Changing directions a bit and discussing a topic that is near and dear to both of our hearts and one we get questions on frequently–that business life. Whether you own your own business and work from home in your yoga pants, are working that 9-5 or are a boss woman managing a home full of littles, today’s episode will give you some ideas for creating healthy boundaries in business and in your personal life. Because we know it’s not easy running a business or working that dream job, as much as we love it, and we’ve seen first hand how it can quickly take over your life and become unhealthy.

In today’s episode, we are sharing 5 ways to help you create healthy boundaries in business–like lining up your personal and business goals, learning to say “no”, focusing on what you’re really good at and scheduling in that oh-so-important down time. We’re also sharing some of our personal experiences with owning our own businesses and a few lessons we’ve learned along the way.

We’d love to hear more about what you do for work and how you can use one or more of the tips from today’s episode in your own life in the comments below. Getting to know our listeners more gets us all giddy!

Highlight Reel

06:55 | Getting your goals in line and priorities straight

13:08 | How radical changes can make your business even better

16:45 | How “no” can actually be a powerful “yes”

24:40 | When you realize you can’t do it all…focus on what you do best

32:36 | Why we love Monday’s

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