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6 Safer Swaps for Your Better Skincare & Beauty Routine

May 16, 2018

6 Safer Swaps for Your Better Skincare & Beauty RoutineIf you have been following me for any amount of time, you know that I often talk about the better beauty 5—deodorant, foundation, face moisturizer, lip stick and sunscreen.  These items are typically ones that sit on your skin or face for the majority of the day, sometimes even all day every day.

Changing up your skincare routine can be overwhelming and even expensive, because finding safer products that actually work, is easier said than done!

Sadly the beauty industry is not regulated at all and there are many ingredients on the market that are just not safe to use!  With these 6 clean, safe swap solutions, you can dramatically clean up some of the worst offenders!

6 Safer Swaps for Your Better Skincare & Beauty Routine6 Safer Swaps

Anti-Aging Creams

Most anti-aging lines contain retinol, a potent synthetic form of Vitamin A.  According to FDA and some European studies, retinol may speed of the development of skin tumors, damage DNA and have serious impact on the reproductive and developmental systems.  Retinol also has an extremely small molecular structure, which means it can penetrate the skin easily and quickly, thus entering your bloodstream.

My favorite safer solutions are formulated with a combination of omega-rich natural oils and vitamin-rich fruit and flower extracts to help even skin tone, increase firmness and reduce fine lines and pores.

Safe Swap Solution: Rejuvenating Radiance Serum, Rejuvenating Day Cream, Rejuvenating Eye Cream

**Keep in mind that your body’s collagen production decreases with age, starting in your mid-20s.  One of collagen’s many jobs is keeping your skin elastic and healthy.  Adding grass-fed collagen into your daily routine along with a pure form of Vitamin C, that helps collagen uptake, can help keep your skin fresh and young!**

Face Masks

Traditional face masks are formulated with PEGs, a petroleum based carcinogenic ingredient, which are widely used in cosmetics as thickeners or solvents and can be contaminated with dangerous chemicals.  Fragrances, which are highly toxic to the reproductive and respiratory system, both “natural” and synthetic ones, are usually found in face masks as well to give you that spa like scent!

Instead, look for a mask that is formulated with kaolin clay that helps deeply cleanse the skin and pores, leaving your face feeling revitalized and pure.

Safe Swap Solution: Brightening, Plumping or Balancing Face Mask and Eminence Clear Skin Probiotic Masque


Carbon black, a pigment used in mascaras to create the deep black color, has been linked to a range of adverse health effects including cancer and organ toxicity.  Heavy metals which are powerful neurotoxins and not safe at any level are found in most mascaras and cosmetics—often they are a by-product or contaminant so they are not listed on the label.

Most mascaras and eye cosmetics also contain ethanolamines (sometimes labeled DEA, TEA or MEA, cancer causing chemicals linked to allergies, hormone disruption and can inhibit fetal brain development 

Safe Swap Solution: Beautycounter’s Volumizing or Lengthening Mascara

Makeup Remover Wipes

Wipes are generally formulated with PEGs, fragrances, preservatives and emulsifiers all of which can be damaging to your skin, respiratory tract, hormones and reproductive systems.

My favorite safe solution uses a naturally derived micellar formula, that gently wipes away makeup, dirt and impurities but also moisturizes at the same time with hydrating aloe vera.  These wipes are also biodegradable which greatly decreases environmental pollution plus they are a lifesaver when you are tired at night!!

Safe Swap Solution: One-Step Makeup Remover Wipes

Acne Face Washes

Acne face washes use harsh chemicals that not only strip the skin of the face’s sensitive oils but also contribute to estrogen dominance and hormone imbalances which are often at the root of hormonal acne.  Addressing hormones is actually the best place to start when it comes to skin health, but also decreasing your toxic load by using safer products will allow your liver and hormones to work more effectively.  

My favorite solution is oil cleansing, which is the scientific principle that like cleanses like and this oil is specifically formulated to cleanse deep, leaving your pores and face looking better than ever!  Cleansing with charcoal is also beneficial because it helps pull impurities to the surface.

Safe Swap Solutions: Cleansing Oil, Charcoal Cleansing Bar, Nourishing Cream Exfoliator


Foundation is an important one to switch out because for most women, it sits on our face for at least 12 hours a day!  Mineral oil, a petroleum byproduct of gasoline production that is highly toxic and clogs pores, and heavy meals are found in most conventional cosmetics especially pressed powders and liquid foundations.

My best advice—try to go makeup less at least once a week!

Safe Swap Solution: Tint Skin Foundation


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