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    A Day in My Life

    Jan 21, 2019

    A Day in My Life: Balancing Motherhood, Business & Health | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTPBecoming a mom has truly been the best experience of my life, far better than I even imagined! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t struggled either, in fact I have struggled a lot!  One of the biggest challenges for me is finding my new “normal.” Eight months into this adventure and I feel like I am finally getting the hang of new routines, ones that are effective but most importantly bring joy and peace to our day!

    A big part of getting adjusted to motherhood is all the new baby essentials that fill your home! I am all about simplicity and do most of my shopping online.  But it’s hard to know what works, which companies to trust and what ingredients are the safest for your sweet babe.

    When my friend Justine mentioned Parasol diapers to me, I initially was skeptical, mostly just because I never heard of them, but after a month of blow outs, leaks and endless laundry, I needed a change! I got a sample pack of Parasol diapers and was HOOKED.  Not only did I want to cuddle with them, seriously they are that soft, but since switching I have not had a single leak or blow out!!  

    These diapers feel like velvet!

    A Day in My Life: Balancing Motherhood, Business & Health | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTPThe subscription service is easy to set up and you can set it and forget it—I am all about time saving!  I hustle hard during the day so I can have time to play and love on my family, so mama’s got no time for leaks over here. Their unique elastic waste band is soft on baby’s skin and belly but also keeps everything inside.  

    Parasol diapers have been a game changer for our family and their safety when it comes to ingredients is unmatched.  Free of chemicals, chlorine and heavy metals as well as made in responsibly managed forests, you can rest easy knowing your baby is protected so that you can accomplish more throughout your day! (PS…if you bought Parasol diapers on Amazon, they are an old version and no where near as soft or “blow-out proof!”)

    I thought it would be fun to take you through a day in my life learning to balance motherhood, business and my personal health!

    Thank you Parasol for collaborating with me on this post.  To get your free welcome gift and $20 off your first subscription, email your name and email address to

    A Day in My Life: Balancing Motherhood, Business & Health | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTPA Day in My Life

    6/6:30 am—Rise & Shine

    Now that my energy is finally back postpartum, I am trying to wake up a bit earlier and start my day by getting ready, making the bed (seriously it feels great to accomplish one task early in the morning), and starting a work project before Remington wakes up.  This doesn’t always happen, but I do try to make it happen a few times per week.

    Then I get dressed for the day—this is an important aspect of my routine as I feel like whenever I take the few minutes to get a cute, but comfy, outfit, I set the rest of my day up for success! It boosts my self confidence and productivity all day long!

    < Get the complete details on my joyful morning routine. >

    7/7:30 am—Remington Snuggles

    Remington usually wakes up between 7 and 7:30 but I let her play and talk to herself in her crib for a little while as I finish getting ready—she makes the funniest sounds in the morning! Then I greet her with the biggest smile—she is so happy in the mornings it’s a sweet time together.  We snuggle and I nurse her and then we play with Libby for a bit.

    Next I change her diaper—which at night is usually on her for about 13 hours and with Parasol’s amazing diapers, never once has she had a diaper rash or any leaks!!

    After I get her dressed, I typically will sit on the floor with her and put my makeup on as we talk about our day and do some morning affirmations.  I love our morning routine together!

    A Day in My Life: Balancing Motherhood, Business & Health | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTPA Day in My Life: Balancing Motherhood, Business & Health | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTP8/8:30 am—Breakfast + Play

    I put Remington in her high chair while I grab her goat yogurt and cod liver oil and make myself a small pot of oatmeal with collagen.  I also warm up breakfast sausage and sauté spinach—I had to give up eggs since they bother Remington, so I have been getting creative with breakfast.  We sit down together to eat and I read a short devotion out-loud during breakfast.

    Then we play for a bit before our sweet nanny comes!  I try to keep this time together very intentional, without my phone, and just focus on Remington! Starting off the day in a calm and positive manner is so important to me.

    9:00 am—Work, Work, Work

    I hustle off to work, either at the library or at my office desk with my noise canceling headphones.  Since Remington is at home, on days when I work from home, I will interact with her about every hour and that time is so special! I have found that when I compartmentalize and focus fully on either work or life, rather than trying to multitask, I get more accomplished and feel way more at peace.  Seriously, multitasking, especially with a baby, is the worst and only leaves me feeling scattered and frustrated, plus it negatively affects our hormones and adrenal glands, so I try to avoid it.

    It has been my saving grace to either fully devote myself to my family or fully devote my time to my work and passions, rather than trying to do both at the same time!

    I am big on planning and goal setting, so typically on Sundays I come up with a plan of action for the week.  I create my big 3—the most important tasks that need to get done each day.  If I have learned anything being an entrepreneur, it is that there is always more to get done, but I feel so satisfied when I focus on the most important tasks at hand and complete them fully, rather than being scattered and doing lots of things!

    A Day in My Life: Balancing Motherhood, Business & Health | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTPA Day in My Life: Balancing Motherhood, Business & Health | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTP3:30pm—Exercise + Sunshine

    Our nanny leaves at 3:30 and I usually will wrap up work and then I try to get in a quick workout, at least a few times per week.  Since Remington typically naps till 4/4:30, I will do a quick workout at home.  I often have work calls, either with my team, clients or my Beautycounter team (coaching calls with them are my favorite!!) in the afternoon, but I always wrap those up by 4:30 so I can spend the afternoon with Remington.

    About 4:15ish, I will go upstairs and get Remington. She is slow to wake up in the afternoons, so we snuggle for a few minutes.

    At 4:30 we head out on our afternoon walk with Libby! This is one of my favorite times each day and the warm sunshine always feels amazing! Remington and I talk about our day, or often we walk with a friend to catch up.  I am pretty much a stickler about these afternoon walks.  It is so important to get fresh air, plus walking is one of the best forms of exercise and positively impacts my blood sugar too!

    5:30—Dinner Time

    Remington always eats right at 5:30! She is one hungry and growing girl and just like her mama, she loves to eat!! Depending on if my husband is home or not, we try to eat at the same time, but thats not always possible, especially since she eats baby food right now! 

    Any tips from you seasoned mamas about how to get food for yourself and baby all at the same time are welcomed!

    If I am feeling stressed or don’t have enough time to get my dinner, I will just wait, because eating while being rushed or stressed is not good for your digestion or assimilation of nutrients, so honestly most nights dinner gets pushed until after bed time!

    After dinner, I will tidy up the house a bit and then play with Remington.  This is her most active time of day and she is so giggly and energetic after dinner!

    A Day in My Life: Balancing Motherhood, Business & Health | Flourish by Caroline Potter, NTP6:45—Bed Time Routine

    We love our night time routine! (Can you tell by now how much I love and thrive on all routines?! haha)  She absolutely loves the bath and splashing around so bath time usually has us all laughing! 

    After her bath, I lather her up with baby oil (more on our bath time routine HERE) and put a clean diaper on for the night.  Parasol diapers are SO soft, honestly they feel like velvet and I rest easier knowing that she is swaddled up in the cleanest diapers all night long so her body can rest and restore!

    We will play a bit more as I wash my face and cozy up in my PJs, read a bed time story, say our prayer and then sweet baby girl is off to sleep!

    7:30—Relax and Unwind

    If we haven’t eaten dinner yet, we will eat—when Stephen is home, he typically makes dinner while I nurse the baby, but during deployments, I’m on my own.  So I will make a simple, yet healthy dinner and then relax for the night.  After dinner I will set my watch for 15 minutes and do a power clean up and get my work items all ready for the next day so I can hit it hard again in the morning.

    Due to the time change of living in Spain, I often have another work call in the evenings, but I always schedule those after Remington’s bed time.  It’s hard to balance work with the time zones but we somehow make it happen.

    Our favorite way to unwind and relax is watching movies!  I typically take a bath most nights, so I will do that and make some chamomile tea.

    My goal is always to get in bed by 8:30, but I usually don’t fall asleep about 10.

    And then I am out—I rest easier knowing that I accomplished a lot during the day and that our sweet baby girl is safe and secure! 


    Thank you Parasol for collaborating with me on this post.  Al thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.  To get your free welcome gift and $20 off your first subscription, email your name and email address to


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