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Gift intentionally this season by choosing the right gift for your loved ones personality and enneagram type with this holiday gift guide!

I’ve become obsessed with the enneagram these past few years—it’s been such an incredible resource to understand why I do things the way I do, how I relate to others and has helped me graciously understand and collaborate with others different than me. Sometimes I laugh when a friend tells me something or when I do something that is so directly related to my enneagram type (I’m a type 1, helloooooo being super hard on myself)!

I thought it would be fun to do a different sort of gift guide this holiday season—you know I am all about intentional gifting and quality over quantity, so choosing gifts that the receiver will really appreciate can help you be more intentional!

Please note: Choosing ethical + sustainable brands is a priority for me when possible, which you will see reflected in this gift guide!

If you want to learn more about the enneagram, my favorite resource is Nine Types Co!

What’s your enneagram type? Hope this enneagram gift guide serves you well this season!

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Enneagram Gift Guide

Type 1: the perfectionist

Type 1s are diligent workers and often their own harshest critics—they will appreciate ethical, sustainable gifts that promote rest and intentional time.

What they need: quiet time, exercise, self care, focusing on what really matters, deep meaningful conversations, organization

Gift Ideas: Cloth & Paper sticky notesInk + Volt priority padPrimally Pure soothing face mask with CBDDyson cordless vacuum (sounds like a crazy gift but coming from a type 1 its worth it!), Outdoor Voices workout apparelGoop Himalayan Salt Scalp ScrubVal Marie paper prayer  journal


Type 2: the helper

Type 2s are warm, relational and compassionate and motivated by feeling needed and loved—they will appreciate gifts for creating a cozy, home atmosphere and gifts that promote quality time.

What they need: being told they are loved, appreciated and needed, quality time, cozy moments at home

Gift Ideas: Simply Living WellArtifact Uprising photo albumEat Beautiful cookbookMade by Mary Personalized Disk NecklaceMaya Brenner Initial Necklace (what I wear daily!), Brooklyn Studio candlesCeramic Salt WellFarmhouse Pottery heart ceramic dishesAll Bright Vitamin C Serum


Type 3: the achiever

Type 3s like to be being productive and are success oriented—they will appreciate gifts that help them achieve their goals while at the same time promoting organization and much needed rest.

What they need: checking things off their list, activities or moments that force rest and relaxation, anything that helps them organize their space or mind, self care

Gift Ideas: productivity books, The Home EditGua Sha stoneCBD infused bath bombs (FLOURISH for 15% off), Golden Coil customizable plannerSweet Laurel coffee (fair trade)Leather Tech + Laptop CaseAll American Paleo TableHalf Baked Harvest: Super SimpleRosewood Lipstick (type 3s want to look good and this is the best lip color ever!), detox salt bath soak

Type 4: the individualist

Type 4s are imaginative, deep and emotional—they will appreciate gifts that help them experience the fullness of the world and are unique.

What they need: to use their hands and minds to create, authentic and unique gifts, moments that make them feel special

Gift Ideas: All Along You Were Bloomingpersonalized book stamppink lemon treehandmade ceramic salt bowlmonogramed leather vanity casePalo Santo aromatherapy oilhandmade clay earrings (LOVE these!), Raven and Lily pink opal hoop earrings (sustainable too!), Wake Up Your Imagination: creative journal


Type 5: the observer

Type 5s are self reliant, careful and have an active yet sometimes quiet mind—they will appreciate gifts that encourage learning and travel or pursuing something new.

What they need: time to rest their minds, gifts that encourage adventure, journaling, painting or capturing beauty through photography, staying centered, expanding their knowledge portfolio

Gift Ideas: noise canceling headphonesMiir stainless steel water bottle (my fav!), cork yoga mat (sustainably sourced), The Bucket ListRifle Paper maps puzzleheated neck wrapInk + Volt gratitude journal,) acupressure mat

Type 6: the loyalist

Type 6s are responsible, balanced and loyal wanting to find safety and security in the world—they will appreciate gifts that encourage a bit of splurging they otherwise wound’t do.

What they need: gifts they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves, responsible ‘splurges’, home or self care goodies

Gift Ideas: linen apronceramic essential oil diffuserPrimally Pure home collection (smells SO good), marble jewelry bowlOrganic Cotton Bathrobe (soft + fluffy too), Lake Pajamas (super soft, size up!), wool alpaca windowpane throw blanketBeek leather mules (ethically made + SO comfy!)

Type 7: the enthusiast

Type 7s are whimsical, curious and spontaneous—they will appreciate gifts that prompt adventure but also those that help them stay focused in the present. 

What they need: a day planned exploring a new place or doing something different, art supplies, the gift of travel or adventure, hiking gear, a weekend away at a cabin or boutique hotel

Gift Ideas: plants, Away luggagesolar powered light, speaker + chargerUnited by Blue travel backpack (recycled materials + water repellent), Monopoly (vintage bookshelf edition, it’s gorgeous!), Bloomist dried floralshand-blown recycled glass margarita glassesessential garden seat + toolkitDIY sushi kit

Type 8: the challenger

Type 8s are assertive, no-nonsense and very intuitive with a sweet tender side as well—they will appreciate gifts that are ethical, promote justice in the world and focus on quality over quantity.

What they need: gifts that are intentional, quality items that will last a long time, hostess gifts, an activity that promotes quality time together, small batch or ethically made items

Gift Ideas: tortoise blue blocking glasses (made from recycled materials), All Birds shoes (sustainable too), All Bright Vitamin C serumleather zip around wallet (sustainably sourced), ceramic candle stick holderOur Place pan (non toxic, ethical + sustainable), cheese board stonehand embroidered holiday cocktail napkins

Type 9: the peacemaker

Type 9s are gentle, deliberate and natural peacemakers with a strong desire of wanting to make others feel at home—they will appreciate gifts that foster a sense of peace and home as well as natural comfort.

What they need: home decor, anything cozy, something useful but beautiful, any gift that promotes a happy, peaceful moment

Gift Ideas: alpaca wool blanketMocha Master coffee pot (a splurge that is worth it!), pour over kettlerecycled cashmere wrap sweaterFiddle leaf fig plant in ceramic planterhandpainted garden roses art printBirdies velvet slipper shoesaffirmation cardshandmade ceramic bud vaseblue and white nutcracker tea towel

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