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I always get SO many questions about Remington’s clothing! I have to say, it has become such a fun process for me to intentionally curate her closet—she’s for sure better dressed than me!

Let’s just say I take so much joy in thoughtfully sourcing her clothes….and a whole lot of time as I carefully think through each piece I add…my husband laughs because it really takes me so long to make one decision! 

Fast fashion is a topic I’m super concerned about—sadly there is so much waste in the fashion industry as well as unethical working conditions for workers. Especially with children’s clothing as they grow so quickly, a lot of waste can be involved. I’m convinced that children don’t need as much as marketing claims (wink)!

Yes, I do spend a bit more money on her clothes, but we purchase very minimally, she typically only has about 7 outfits and 2 nice dresses per season, so big picture I know we end up saving money! Knowing that her sweet body is protected from harmful ingredients in fabrics is a top priority for us!

We try to do mostly organic and natural fiber options, especially for PJs as that is the most important time of the day for the body to truly rest. 


Here’s my favorite ethical + organic children’s clothing!

Quincy Mae: My go to for babies for sleep ware. The softest organic cotton PJs and knits ever! The styles are so sweet and calming and they last forever too! I wish they made bigger sizes.

Make Make Organics: The sweetest designs for PJs and play clothes. They only go up to size 18-24 months but also have adorable children’s bedding for bigger children! FLOURISH for 15% off your order.

Gray Label: I was introduced to this brand when we lived in Europe. Incredible quality and options for older children too. They ship to the US or you can find stockists that carry them here too!

Simple Folk Co: Might just be my top brand. Their quality is amazing and I always get a few staples each season for Remington. I adore their sweaters and they last forever!

Consciously Baby: A great ethical and sustainable shoe collection made by artisans! Their shoes are so soft and comfy too.

Patagonia: My go to for outerwear, I typically invest in one piece each winter and they wash and wear amazingly. Patagonia is one of the first leaders in sustainable fashion.

Eadaie: A small collection made by ethical manufacturers. They design with to reduce environmental and fabric waste.

Rylee + Cru: Not organic but I just love their styles and quality. They meticulously source fabrics and release small collections focusing on quality you love!

Millk Co: I just discovered this brand and I adore them! Most options are organic.

Heart + Land by the Tot: Great PJ options for all sizes! They have organic cotton, bamboo and natural fiber options all are free of flame retardants and use OEKO-TEX certified dyes.

Other brands we love:

  • Noble Carriage: so many adorable options and many recycled materials
  • Kind + Nature: cozy knits for your littles 
  • Wild Wawa: love their quality and look! Many organic options and GOTS certified.
  • Veja: These organic and natural rubber tennis shoes are a bit of an investment but once you break them in they are so supportive for walking and last forever! Just size up to extend the life cycle!
  • Jamie Kay: organic options that are darling!
  • Fin and Vince: some darling options but a bit pricey
  • Zara: Zara is definitely the queen of fast fashion but recently they have released some more sustainable options through their ‘Join Life’ collection made of ecologically grown cotton and are working to get GOTS certified! 
  • Coloredorganics: organic clothing and every purchase helps a child in need
  • Hanna Anderson: they have some organic cotton options!
  • Burt’s Bees Organic: organic PJs at good pricing, not as soft (or as great of quality) as other brands in my opinion though

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