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My home is truly my safe space and my shelter. Just like with food or beauty + cleaning items, I am very careful how I choose to fill my home. I’m sorta a border line minimalist but also love a cozy, lived in feel.  I very much believe in quality over quantity and that this […]

Chiropractic care has been one of the best practices in my holistic toolkit for as long as I can remember since childhood! I have been going consistently this second pregnancy and even take our sweet, little daughter often—the benefits are quickly visible not just physically but also emotionally and mentally! I wanted to invite the […]

Ok are you ready for one of my TOP (& so simple) hormone balancing tips? SEED CYCLING! ^ If you are rolling your eyes, hang with me…I totally thought this was voodoo nonsense before I committed to doing it for a few months and WOW was I shocked by the benefits. Seed cycling totally transformed […]

Intentionally choosing sustainable + ethical brands is an important part of my personal life as well as what we promote here at Flourish! We believe that we can impact change not only in the industry but also in people’s lives through the brands we support. We hope you enjoy this new monthly Sustainable Brand Feature […]

Ask anyone in my family, especially my husband—I just love getting into bed. I could get into bed early each night and just hang out…and it’s often one of the first things I do when my daughter goes down for a nap! Getting into bed is where I rest best and my safe, peaceful spot. […]

First, I have to say we honestly don’t have that many toys! Outdoor time and books are very important in our house and most of our ‘toys’ are actually books, puzzles or arts and crafts! But navigating the toy world, especially if you want to choose more natural and non toxic toys can be overwhelming. […]

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