How to Update Your Makeup Bag for Clean Summer Beauty








My favorite clean beauty makeup picks for that sun-kissed, summer glow.


Living where it is very hot and humid, having makeup and skincare that performs and doesn’t leave me feeling yucky after a long hot day is important.

I love freshening up my makeup bag a bit with new seasonal colors and skincare that helps balance my skin in the summer months.

It’s no secret that when it comes to makeup I am pretty loyal to my favorite clean beauty brand Beautycounter—not only because of their ingredients but also because of their thorough testing regime and performance factor. Seriously, not all “clean beauty” or “natural” brands are created equal!


Why clean beauty? Read on…

My best advice? Don’t cover up with products every day, even clean ones—Let your skin breathe! Have at least one day each week where you go free of makeup or at least keep it minimal. Air is the best healing agent, so giving your skin a chance to rest, breathe and cleanse is so important—even if you are using clean beauty products already!


How to Update Your Makeup Bag for Clean Summer Beauty

Prep + lightly moisturize first

I love to go lighter in the summer. I always start with a serum—I LOVE this All Bright Vitamin C Serum. This will help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and environmental stressors, leaving you with youthful + glowing skin.

During the day, I prefer this light Antioxidant Soft Cream. It absorbs right in and doesn’t leave you greasy. If my skin is feeling dry I use this lightly citrus scented Brightening Facial Oil.

I have been LOVING this Golden Hour Recovery Cream at nighttime.

Daily Sheer Defense for Face is a great facial sunscreen. It won’t leave your face chalky or greasy. Apply this on top of your makeup (if wearing makeup).

Ok on to face makeup

Start with the Dew Skin Foundation. I like to switch to this lighter tinted moisturizer in the summer because it contains SPF protection. It applies beautifully for sheer coverage to even out your complexion and contains Vitamin C for a bright, dewy glow! I love how soft and light this foundation feels.

Top with Mattifying Powder—this will set your makeup and help with any humid or sweaty situations. It’s a must have.

To give your skin that “sun-kissed” look use Radiant Bronzer (just a swipe, it’s highly pigmented) and Illuminating Cream Highlighter on the top area of your cheekbone! When I want a very natural, summer look I just use the highlighter.

Frame your face & brows

Lastly I frame my brows with this Brilliant Brow Gel. It is my number one favorite makeup item and I always wear it even on “non makeup” days! Postpartum, my hair and brows really took a hit, and I love how this brow gel naturally enhances your brows and naturally frames your face.

For lips, I love doing gloss in the summer as it is lighter and adds a bit of shimmer. This Beyond Gloss is not sticky and feels so smooth and natural—I love Brûlée and Peony. For Lipstick, I love Twig (for a super natural, neutral look) and Rose for a pop of color. They also moisturize your lips at the same time which is so helpful in the hot weather!

This clean beauty summer makeup routine will look just as good at the end of the day as it does in the beginning, using ingredients that are good for you and your health!


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