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Sep 27

You know there’s really nothing better than A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Sleep is necessary for mood, a strong immune system, efficient brain functioning, hormone balance and overall joy. Sleep acts as our ‘reset button’ and there is nothing (not even a pot of coffee) that can truly replace it.  Often due to modern stress and […]

Sep 13

Rest—just like air, food and water—is an essential ritual of being human! So often we push it aside because ‘busy’ is glorified, ‘busy’ is our comfort zone. Pursing quiet, rest, relaxation and self care can make us uncomfortable, as if somehow we will lose our status or our identity. In a world of increasing needs, […]

Planning out the week on Sundays.

Sep 10

Monday morning is a moment in time to approach with great anticipation—a fresh beginning full of opportunities and abundance for the week ahead. This anticipation starts hours prior—intentionally setting aside a few moments before the hustle and bustle of a new week to prepare—yourself, your environment and your agenda. We set out to answer the […]

Caroline showing how to dry brush in the mirror.

Aug 2

This holistic wellness tool and ancient beauty ritual grounded in Ayurvedic techniques does more than smooth your skin.  Dry brushing is a traditional detoxification ritual encouraging optimal energy and longevity in the entire body. Some of the benefits of dry brushing include boosts in cell health, detoxification, and improvements to the lymphatic system. Dry brushing […]

Caroline holding her newborn and Majka postpartum nutrition replenisher.

Jul 26

After having our first child, I felt drained and depleted in every way. It wasn’t an “I’m hungry or tired” type of feeling, it was total depletion, like I had nothing more to give. I was shocked by the lack of support postpartum—the emphasis is put on pregnancy and then your sweet baby—but it often […]

Postpartum recovery tips after baby #2

Jun 22

The postpartum season is beautiful and messy, but I have to say even through the exhaustion it’s one of my favorite seasons of life. I told my husband the other day, “I just love having a baby to hold.”  After my first pregnancy, I felt totally drained, depleted and exhausted…well because I was. I continued […]

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