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Postpartum recovery tips after baby #2

Jun 22

The postpartum season is beautiful and messy, but I have to say even through the exhaustion it’s one of my favorite seasons of life. I told my husband the other day, “I just love having a baby to hold.”  After my first pregnancy, I felt totally drained, depleted and exhausted…well because I was. I continued […]

Non-toxic sunscreen in a beach bag

Jun 8

With summer approaching, sunscreen is on our mind! What makes clean sunscreens safe for you, your hormones, your skin and the environment?  Let’s focus on nutrition first…. One of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful damage is to nourish from the inside out with nutrient dense foods.  Remember the sun […]


Jun 2

I am NOT a person who can survive on little sleep—I often joke that I wish I could survive on 6 hours of sleep a night…but it’s not how I was created. I am BIG on sleep as you all know, and I LOVE my sleep time rituals.  Lack of sleep is truly the hardest […]


May 25

The key to staying “healthy” is being prepared! While we try not to snack much in our house, we do travel and adventure a bit and I’ve found that being overly stocked on healthy snacks for our kids is important to avoid meltdowns… this trick can work with adults too! Children’s snacks especially are often […]


May 12

Most days I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl, heavy on the eye cream (hello newborn life in all its messy beauty) and light on the makeup! But when you are going on a date, taking family photos or just want to show up glamorous for yourself…you want to look the part, right? < at least […]


May 5

Decorating my sweet babies rooms has always been the highlight of my pregnancies. It takes me out of the misery and trauma I experience during pregnancy and gives me hope! Hudson’s room came together at the end and even after he was born due to major shipping delays. But I have to say it’s one […]

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