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Growing a baby is a beautiful miracle but it is also HARD work and very stressful on mama (even good stress is still stress)! Even if your diet isn’t ideal, especially at the beginning of pregnancy…know that baby takes what baby needs! This is good for your growing baby but can lead to nutrient deficiencies […]

Intentionally choosing sustainable + ethical brands is an important part of my personal life as well as what we promote here at Flourish! We believe that we can impact change not only in the industry but also in people’s lives through the brands we support. We hope you enjoy this new monthly Sustainable Brand Feature […]

Pregnancy is such a beautiful yet challenging process (at least for me)! The reward is life changing and SUCH a miracle but every day feels like climbing a mountain. Your body is constantly changing and the whirlwind of emotions can be heightened.  I truly believe that self care isn’t really “self” care—but it impacts every […]

Recovering from adrenal fatigue is not a “take this, do this” formula—it requires putting MANY puzzle pieces together and being diligent to consistently do the work! If you need a refresher on the signs and symptoms of adrenal fatigue click on over here > Often we don’t see the effects of stress immediately or they […]

If there is ever a time to be concerned about what products you are using on your body and in your home it’s during pregnancy!! Skincare is not something that is often talked about during prenatal appointments but it is so important to do your research and make the best informed decision for YOU! You […]

*I will keep updating as the weekend progresses!* Beauty + Self Care Beautycounter // 15% off SITEWIDE + free shipping on orders over $50 *Add the rewards program to your cart for 10% additional back on a future purchase and a free welcome gift (charcoal mask + overnight resurfacing peel)! Favorites: All Bright Vitamin C […]

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