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Catch the other Women Who Flourish spotlights. Since it’s my birthday month, what a better way to celebrate than introduce you to the woman that brought me into the world, my mom—Kimberly!  My mom is truly a remarkable woman, and those of you who may know her personally know she is hands down one of […]

Today, I’m going to teach you what you need to know about safe sunscreen plus a few extra sun loving tidbits. Funny story: When I was in high school and college I pretty much refused to wear sunscreen because I knew the ingredients were so toxic. Ok…yes true but not really the right action to […]

Sustainable fashion has been on my mind for a while now and I am excited to bring you some of my favorite sustainable, ethical and eco friendly clothing brands for summer! My word for 2019 was intention—intention, not perfection…with my choices of how I spend my time, money, resources, what I say yes to and […]

I looked at my husband and said “I just can’t do it.”  We were all set to record a video on postpartum health this past weekend, and it was a good script, but it just didn’t feel right in the moment. Stephen said, “Why don’t you ditch the script, forget the lights and the camera, […]

My inbox piles up with questions from you all daily, and I LOVE reading them! One of the most asked questions I receive is: “I’m so tired all the time and my passion for life and skin seem to be suffering the most. What can I do about it?” Constanza originally reached out to me […]

Clean beauty options to create that sun-kissed glow from day to night!  My favorite clean beauty makeup picks for summer! It’s always fun to change out my clothes, shoes and makeup for spring and summer! Secretly I prefer the cooler weather, but I do love keeping my makeup a bit lighter in the summer!  Living […]

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